The WorkLife Company - General Terms and Conditions

1. Subject matter and scope

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions, GTA) of the Worklifeapp Zrt. (the registered office of 1027 Budapest, Bem József utca 6, no. 26340825-2-41, business registration number: 01-10-049812) in a contractual relationship related to the provision of services by Worklifeapp Zrt. The GCC shall form an integral and inseparable part of the contractual obligation arising out of any form in Worklifeapp Zrt. and the Buyer. The Parties may, in their individual contracts, derogate from certain provisions of the GCC. If the terms of the GTC and the individual contract differ, the provisions of the individual contract shall prevail.

2. Definition of terms

Completed service: all services provided by Worklifeapp Zrt., including online application availability.

Individual Contract: A specific contract between the Parties, the content of which is any contract (contract, business, delivery, etc.) and formal contract, but not including the present GTC.

3. Relationship between the GTC and the individual contract

This GCC will become part of the individual contract between the Contracting Parties if the Parties establish this fact between the provisions of the individual contract. Furthermore, it will also become relevant if a reference to the GTC is made in the bid submitted by Worklifeapp Zrt. and the Buyer does not make a different proposal for its content. The General Terms and Conditions shall also apply when the GTC is referred to in the certificate of performance provided by the Buyer.

4. Payment Terms

4.1. Prices

The prices of the individual services on the online booking interface will be indicated in the first step, unless otherwise stated before the use of the service. Additional prices for individual services and the prices of additional services, such as's individual modules or individual events, are included in the Individual Contract.

The invoice sent by Worklifeapp Zrt. within 8 working days from the date of receipt will be checked and accepted by the Client, within the same deadline to transfer the consideration to the bank account of Worklifeapp Zrt.

The Contracting Parties agree that, if the Customer fails to meet his contractual payment obligations in time, the defaulted debtor shall be obliged by The WorkLife Company Ltd to cover the recovery of his claim, irrespective of his delay and the actual incurrence of the recovery fee EUR 40 - according to the official exchange rate of the MNB at the official exchange rate on the day of the default on the day of the default interest payment, to pay an appropriate HUF amount at a cost-free address. The Contracting Parties also agree that, if the Client fails to fulfill his contractual payment obligations in time, the defaulting debtor shall pay late payment interest on late payment to The WorkLife Company Ltd, the amount of which is due on the first day of the calendar term affected valid central bank base rate increased by eight percentage points.

4.2. Payment method

4.2.1. Bank Transfer

The user is entitled to pay for the selected service (s) by bank transfer.

Bank transfer information
Company name: Worklifeapp Zrt.
Head office: 1027 Budapest, Bem József utca 6.
Bank: K&H Bank
Bank account number: 10403181-50526881-68761014

In the transfer notification, the recipient of the service must indicate the email address used for registration.

4.2.2. Cash payment

The cash payment for the service (s) is available at the times and locations provided by the Service Provider.

4.2.3. Payment by bank card, via web interface

Payment of the service fee to the Service Provider is possible by selecting the "Payment" menu on When paying with a credit card, the applicant is redirected to the bank's payment side so payment is made directly on the site operated by the Bank and operated on the rules and safety standards of the international card companies. The web site does not have any form of data, number or expiration date on the card or in the back of the card, so you can not get a look at it. In the process of credit card payments, the Bank's system of payment management information and rules should be taken into account. The Service Provider is not liable for any problems that may arise in connection with the operation and availability of the Bank's system. Payment by bank card

The bankcard data will be given before the booking of the services for a fee of 100 HUF. (The amount will be credited to the user's balance.)

Our company only receives the transaction result from GoPay, credit card details are only provided by GoPay.

The GoPay system - and thus the present service - accepts transactions with credit cards belonging to Europay and VISA. Among the cards you can purchase, you can initiate transactions in the system by:

VISA Electron,

however, use of this on the Internet depends on the card issuing bank. The issuing bank determines whether to allow the card to be used for online transactions called "Cnp" - "Card not present". Payment process

The customer initiates payment after the debit card option has been selected, as a result of which it is transferred to the payment page of GoPay with a secure communication channel. For payment, enter the card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit validation code on the back of the card's signature banner. You initiate the transaction, starting with the card's real-time authorization, in which the originality of the card data, its coverage and the purchase limit will be checked. If all the details of the transaction are respected, the amount of money to be paid by the account holder (card issuer) is blocked on your card. Depending on the bank account, the debit will be debited within a few days. Payment reservation

The transaction is followed immediately by the bank when it comes to the bank's notice, since the actual charge must first be received by the official data, which takes a few days and the amount purchased can be reused. For this reason, the money you buy or borrow is secured by booking. The reserved amount is included in the account balance, ie it has interest, but can not be spent again. The reservation provides for the refusal of transactions for which there is no collateral, even though the account balance may in principle still provide an opportunity. If you do not receive a charge within a few days, your bank will be free to make a reservation so that it can be redeemed. In such cases, it is advisable to consult the bank. Automatic bank card payment and bank card registration

For certain services, credit card registration and payment are required. In case of bank card payment, you can pay without re-entering the bankcard data. This requires that the client declares on his control panel that he wants to use an automatic bank card payment - this is done by answering the postpay or immediate post-payment payment on the first few days of the month following the service's performance. The Service Provider does not manage or store any bankcard data, a unique identifier will be generated on payment, and on this basis and on the basis of the partial card number authorized by the card companies, the Service Provider will identify the bankcard. The bankcard data is stored by the Service Provider's credit card payment partner, subject to strict security requirements imposed by card companies.

In the case of automatic bank card payments, the customer agrees on the first payment that the Service Provider will initiate a repeated payment for future fees and, when due, pay the bank account number of the bankcard with the subscription fee. The amount of the charge is always equal to the amount of the current payment obligation, the amount to be paid is automatically determined and the maximum amount is HUF 150,000 per occasion.

The contribution to the automatic bank card payment and the registered bankcard can be deleted at any time on the control panel.

In the event of a failing credit card payment, the Service Provider suspends the additional debit of the bankcard and the availability of paid services.

The Service Provider shall not be liable if the customer's payment is not credited to or credited to the Service Provider by the fault of the service contributor. What to do in case of unsuccessful payments

In general, the transaction will fail if the bank issuing the card (ie where the customer has received the card) does not accept the payment order; but in the case of bank card utilization, this may also be due to the fact that due to a telecommunications or IT error, the license request does not reach the issuing bank.

Card error
+ The card is not suitable for internet payment.
+ The use of the card on the Internet is prohibited by an account management bank.
+ Card Usage is forbidden.
+ The card data (card number, maturity, signature line code) has been entered incorrectly.
+ The card has expired.

Banking Error + No Coverage to Perform Transaction.
+ The transaction amount exceeds the purchase limit of the card.

Connection error
+ The line has probably been broken during the transaction. In this case, we recommend that you try again.
+ Transaction failed due to time out. In this case, we recommend that you try again.

A technical error
+ If you did not return to the paying page, the transaction failed.
+ If you are back from the paying page, but your browser returns to the paying page with "back", "reload" or "refresh", your transaction will automatically be rejected for security reasons.

If the payment process fails: In all cases, a transaction identifier is generated for the transaction, which we recommend recording. If, during the payment attempt, the transaction is rejected on a bank-side basis, please contact your account-keeping bank. During card verification, the account-issuing bank notifies the merchant (acceptor) bank of the amount that the transaction can be made. The accepting bank may not disclose confidential information to the customer of another bank, only the bank identifying the cardholder has the right to do so. Contact

The invoices issued by Worklifeapp Zrt. are forwarded via email to As main communication channel, keeps users in touch with your service provider for questions, comments, and complaints.

5. Content of the individual contract

The subject of the individual contract, the price, the terms of payment, the duration and termination of the contract and other important conditions are governed by the individual contract. The prices fixed in the individual contract or orders are VAT excluded. If the individual contract does not cover the above, the provisions of the present GTC shall apply, unless otherwise stipulated.

6. Performance, handover

Contracts must be completed in accordance with their content at a given time and place. The Buyer accepts the performance. If the service is subdivided, the Customer is required to accept a partial delivery. The Buyer shall as soon as possible make sure that the performance is in accordance with the contract. During the performance of Worklifeapp Zrt., it is entitled to use subcontractors.

7. The obligation of the Worklifeapp Zrt.

Worklifeapp Zrt. is obliged to carry out its contractual obligation with professional competence, according to the specified schedule, within the reasonable time frame. Worklifeapp Zrt. is required to perform the work in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in force according to the Customer. Worklifeapp Zrt. must, if necessary, provide its employees with the appropriate work safety equipment. In addition, Worklifeapp Zrt. must do its utmost to ensure the safety of the place of work. Worklifeapp Zrt. is entitled to refuse to carry out work if the performance of the work would jeopardize the lives and bodily integrity of its employees or the employees of the Customer.

8. Buyer's obligation

The Buyer is required to pay the invoice containing the service sent to Worklifeapp Zrt. within 8 days. If the Buyer is late in paying the Buyer, in the case of the delay from the date of payment to the date of payment, and Worklifeapp Zrt. to cover the costs of recovering its claim for at least EUR 40 in cost. Worklifeapp Zrt. may, in addition to the payment deadline set in this GTC, determine a more favorable condition based on a separate payment agreement with the Customer or the Customer. The buyer is entitled to the payment benefit so secured until the payment deadline specified in the individual contract or separate agreement is strictly observed. If you are late for payment on three occasions, Worklifeapp Zrt. may unilaterally modify your individual contract or payment agreement and apply the payment terms set forth in this GTC. The Buyer is required to provide the necessary conditions for performance of the service at the place of delivery. If you fail to comply with this obligation and Worklifeapp Zrt. will fail to fulfill this obligation, Worklifeapp Zrt. is entitled to invoice the contract amount immediately. Costs incurred at later date (s) will be borne by the Buyer.

9. Suspension of performance

Worklifeapp Zrt. has the right to suspend the contractual obligations of the WorkLife Company as long as the Customer has defaulted with it and the Customer does not pay its debts despite the notice or does not provide a guarantee or guarantee acceptable to Worklifeapp Zrt. Damage resulting from suspension shall be entirely borne by the Buyer. The Customer's delay excludes simultaneous delays in Worklifeapp Zrt.

10. Cancellation Policy

Participants are entitled to cancel their participation at any point in time, ie to cancel the contract based on this GTC. Worklifeapp Zrt. does not refund the fee already paid if the waiver is due to the shortening of the service time.

11. Limitation of the Liability of WorkLife Company Ltd.

Worklifeapp Zrt. is solely responsible for any damages that are caused directly or indirectly by reason, intentionally or grossly negligent. The WorkLife Company Ltd is covered by a valid liability insurance to cover damages.

Worklifeapp Zrt.'s liability for damages is limited to the amount of direct damages and is exempt from damages for indirect damages. Indirect damage means, for example, economic loss or loss of profit. Worklifeapp Zrt. is not liable for any damage caused by force majeure.

Worklifeapp Zrt. customers and the users of do not have any liability or liability for any other user or third person's behavior.

The WorkLife Company does not take any responsibility for damages caused by the use of the System or the opening of the messenger mails that are caused by computer software or other property of the User, in particular the computer virus. Worklifeapp Zrt. also assumes no responsibility for the inability to access the system due to the fault of the ISP for its slow operation.

The responsibility of Worklifeapp Zrt. for any conduct (especially damage) arising from the use of the service is unlawful, unlawful, against the GTC.

You explicitly acknowledge that you are using the services provided or provided by Worklifeapp Zrt. at your own risk.

Worklifeapp Zrt. is also not liable for any loss of personal or confidential information, any use of hardware or software as a whole, or inability to use it, personal injury or failure to perform any obligation (including obligations arising from negligence, good faith or rational reasoning). damages or losses.

During the performance of this contract, the WorkLife Company Ltd has no obligation (liability) to discover and correct the erroneous data record of the users of, and the resulting debugging and repair.

12. Availability

Worklifeapp Zrt. guarantees that the service provided by meets the 0-24 hour service level with a 97% availability per year. This provides a maximum of 10.95 days per day for the service of Worklifeapp Zrt. with pre-planned and announced maintenance times and other problems.

13. Data backup

Worklifeapp Zrt. guarantees a security fence to avoid any potential hardware defects affecting the software and to avoid data loss due to environmental disasters. The web server has a mirrored, redundant storage hard drive solution and uninterruptible power supply. All data stored on the web server will be saved every midnight, which includes the entire database to restore the software after a crash.

14. Confidentiality, data protection

Worklifeapp Zrt. undertakes to protect and safeguard confidential data, confidential information, confidential information, documents and all efforts made to ensure that they are adequately protected as a business secret.

Worklifeapp Zrt. and User may only use confidential information and confidential information for the performance of the service, and may disclose the information received and the information only with the prior written consent of the other party, unless such disclosure is required by law.

Worklifeapp Zrt. undertakes to disclose all data and information provided to you under this GTC as confidential information as such confidential and disclosed to third parties and not to be used in a manner other than that specified in the GTC.

This obligation of confidentiality shall remain in force for an unlimited period after the service has survived and is terminated for any reason.

The User is fully responsible for the use of any service through the password of the access. The User shall be fully liable for the confidentiality of his / her password.

Worklifeapp Zrt. manages the personal information provided by the User in the context of voluntary data provision, confidential only to the identification of each User, to the extent necessary for the performance of the Service, to the extent necessary for successful execution, and Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services CVIII. Law 13 / A. Use it as specified in §§. You agree to use the User's personal information specified in this Agreement by concluding this Agreement.

Worklifeapp Zrt. is obliged to delete the data recorded by the User at at the User's request immediately. If the User does not request the deletion, after the termination of the contract, Worklifeapp Zrt. stores the data recorded by the User in for 90 days.

15. Vis Major

Any party may suspend its own contractual obligations, not including the obligation to pay, to the extent that the performance of the contract is influenced by circumstances outside the party's will and unforeseen circumstances which may, but are not limited to: War, Revolution , public supply, supply of fuel, transportation, or stop or exclude goods or services, natural disasters, government measures, export or import bans, fire, explosions, floods, avalanches, civil disturbances (caused vis major).

16. Rights and disputes

In matters not covered by the contract, the relevant provisions of the law in force (Ptk.) shall prevail. During the term of the contract, the Parties shall cooperate with their legitimate interests. Their possible dispute is primarily resolved through negotiation. In the event that this is unsuccessful, the Parties shall be subject to the competence of the Central District Court of Pest and the Municipal Court of Budapest.